Images and logos you may use to promote Fantom.

Fantom Mascots

Fanny Evolved

A lovable Fanny with a cutsey character. Designed by Anibal Ordaz.

Fanny Original

A clean cut vector graphic of Fantom's original ghostie. Designed by Andy Frank himself!

Note SVGs maybe resized to any size without loss of quality and the PNGs have transparent backgrounds.

Fantom Logos

Glowing Fantom logo with a solid blue background.

Transparent Fantom logo with a glowing alpha channel.


The font used on this website for logos and headings is:

Neuropolitical Regular comes with a free commercial licence for use in logos and brands. And only a small one off payment is required to embed it in web sites. See FontSpring for details.


Branding colours used on this website:


More Fanny!

Fanny - Reading a Book

Fanny - Riding a Quadcopter!

Fanny - Faster than Java! (and Kotlin)

Fanny - Winning!

Festive Fanny - Merry Christmas!