Download the latest official distribution of Fantom here:

The download contains binaries to compile, run, and test Fantom programs on all platforms. See Setup for help on installation.

Fantom requires Java JRE v1.8 (or greater) installed on your system.

If using SWT / GFX on 64 bit systems then see the article FWT on 64-Bit Platforms.

Installers & Package Managers

Installers & package managers are created and maintained by individuals and other 3rd parties.


A custom Fantom installer for Windows is available here:

The Windows installer also includes SWT / GFX libraries for 64-bit platforms.

Fantom is also available via the Chocolatey Windows package manager.


Fantom RPMs for Linux are available at:

Note the separate sub packages for documentation and source code. Packages include SWT / GFX libraries for 64-bit platforms.

Installation instructions for CentOS, Fedora, & OpenSUSE may be found at:

Linux packages assume you're working with PathEnv, FPM or similar. For example, to use PathEnv add the following to .bashrc:

export FAN_ENV=util::PathEnv
export FAN_ENV_PATH=/home/<username>/fantom


If you have a Mac, Fantom may be installed via HomeBrew:

$ brew install fantom

View, edit, and contribute to the Fantom Brew Formula.

Fantom Libraries

Libraries for Fantom may be downloaded from the following site:

Don't forget that the standard Fantom installation comes pre-bundled with many core libraries.