Tools to help you develop Fantom code.


F4 by Xored (now supported by Steve Eynon) is a fully featured eclipse based IDE, including a debugger - written in Fantom!

F4 comes bundled with its own embedded Fantom 1.0.76 runtime, so does not require Fantom to be installed on your system.

F4 is tailored towards developing Fantom pods and projects, as oppose to individual script files. See the following for details:

The source code for F4 may be found on the GitHub F4 IDE project page.

Plugins for F4:

Syntax Highlighting

Lobby JetBrains to produce official support for Fantom on this YouTrack ticket.

Fantom comes bundled with support files for the following text editors, see the /adm/tools/ folder.

Fantom Online

Program and run Fantom code online, without installing anything!

Use Ideone to easily fork, run, and share Fantom samples.

Use Coding Ground's virtual file system and command prompt to create and run Fantom mini-projects.


Older projects that may no longer be usable with newer Fantom releases.