Real world examples of Fantom usage.


SkySpark by SkyFoundry

Analytics Software for a World of Smart Devices

Server side analytics software for the building automation and energy management industry.

Written in Fantom.

Alpha Colony by Fantom Factory

Serious eLearning in a fun environment

An award winning eLearning platform for SkySpark and Project Haystack training.

Written in Fantom.

StackHub by Steve Eynon

Package Management for the Haystack Community

A repository and eCommerce site for SkySpark and Project Haystack.

Written in Fantom.

FinStack by J2 Innovations

Next generation Building Automation System

A BAS framework that is easy to configure, mobile ready, and cost effective.

Written in Fantom.

InferStack by Infergence

A platform to connect, control, analyze, and manage Buildings and Equipment for the Internet of Things.

Written in Fantom.


From up-to-date tap lists, to the latest specials, Trinkin helps you find that perfect spot, or that hard to find beer.

Written in Fantom.

Public Domain

Escape the Mainframe by Steve Eynon

A game featuring Fanny the Fantom!

A simple jump and duck game to test your reflexes. Rendered in stunning retro 3D vector graphics.

Written in Fantom.

F4 Fantom IDE by Xored Software, Inc.

Eclipse based IDE for Fantom

F4 is a fully featured, eclipse based, IDE for Fantom.

Written in Fantom.

Studs by Andy Frank

A Fantom framework for creating rock solid embedded IoT applications

A turn-key framework for working with embedded systems. (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, etc...)

Written in Fantom.

Eggbox Pod Repository by Steve Eynon

Fantom Pod Repository

An open source web application that lets you upload and distribute your Fantom libraries.

Written in Fantom, using libraries on Eggbox!

Gundam Game by Steve Eynon

A Horizontally Scrolling Shoot'em'Up Game

A foray into bullet hell!

Written in Fantom, the same code base runs in a browser (as pure Javascript) and as a JVM desktop application!

Explorer by Steve Eynon

An open source desktop system file explorer, browser, and Fandoc API viewer / editor.

Written in Fantom.

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